Brainworks-Total debut football match scored 4-1 !!

by Daniel 18. December 2013 23:18


Even in the afternoon, December’s cool breeze can be felt. Inside the Thingangyun campus, there were students from Yangon Academy and Brainworks-Total, bustling about the school campus and on sports ground. That day was special for both schools, and players from each side were matching their strength against the afternoon sun and warming up for the match.

The Friendship Football Match had started.

The ball was rolling and bouncing to and fro in between players’ kicks from both sides. Both sides of the audience were cheering on their respective teams and paying the match real attention. Parents and teachers, with special intent for our students’ physical development and to also watch them become competitive athletes, were giving support with all their might.

The ball, flying through the air and careening down the pitch, slams into the Yangon Academy net for the very first time, Total scored first.  As that first goal was achieved, the voices and encouragement of players, audience, coaches and teachers became louder and louder. This was set to be a real match.

The score went up, it was 2-0 quickly, with Total scoring again on Yangon Academy, this was going well for the home team. Players were running up and down the field, trying to keep the ball from this team, passing to their own team. The match was moving towards its climax. The undefeatable spirit of both teams were witnessed.   They both strived with all-out effort to win the day.

It was timefor the second halfto be over. Brainworks-Total scored 4 goals and Yangon Academy scored 1 goal. Trying their best not to be defeated, but to be victorious before the referee blew the whistle made the audience stand up and further supporttheir team gave the players more energy and more spirit.

“Whistle … whistle ..  whistle “

As the whistle blowing of the referee sounded, our first friendship match was successfully completed and Brainworks-Total soundly thumped Yangon Academy, 4-1. We are so proud of our team, that they played beautifully and full of good sport spirit, that not for winning nor losing, but to compete till its end.  We hope there would be some other similar events which will help children upgrading their physical education abilities and at the same time hone their sports skills.


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