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Job Description:


Come and experience the wonders and be part of the positive changes in the Golden Land of Myanmar. Brainworks-Total Group of schools are located in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). In the nine years since our founding, Brainworks-Total Group of Schools has expanded to 11 branches with over 2500 very motivated students, and 400 dedicated teachers and staff with ongoing expansion plans. We are an approved “Cambridge School” as well as holding both “ISO9001 and ISO14001” accreditations. Our training focuses on both experiential learning with high academic standards as well as personal/self-development skills, creating future young leaders, service to the community and participatory activities. We also believe in reflective teaching and our instructors and teachers work collaboratively at all levels to continuously evaluate and improve student learning. At the same time we also have a strong emphasis on developing, training and empowering local Myanmar teachers, staff, and parents.


We offer a twelve-month contract but are very focussed on giving our students certainty and continuity and prefer applicants who are prepared to commit to 2 consecutive one year contracts. Our Academic year runs from mid June through to early May. Included in your package we will provide shared quality house/apartment style living accommodation with other international teachers. We also cover all visa costs, school lunches and local transportation, Myanmar language classes, basic medical insurance and paid vacation. We will also cover your flight arrival costs to Myanmar from one of the nearest airports in the region (Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur), and will purchase a return ticket to that airport upon successful completion of the contract. For those that show enthusiasm, dedication and a natural desire to improve them selves, the people around them and the school there is also ample room for advancement and promotion.


US$1500-US$1800 depending on experience.

Note: While the salary may be less than teachers are paid in some western countries international teachers usually say because of the low cost of living in Myanmar they can live a far easier and more affluent lifestyle in Myanmar than they can on a teachers salary in their own country.

General Qualifications:

Candidates who would like to work at Brainworks - Total Group of Schools should possess the following qualifications:

1. Be a native English speaker from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand with out a strong accent.
2. Minimum requirements TESOL or CELTA Certificate or equivalent from a well-recognised institution (such as the School for International Training, Cambridge, etc) with at least 120 hours of practical. Preference given to those with a B.Ed, M.Ed.
3. All positions require at least one full years proven classroom practical experience leading and teaching the English language to either Pre School or Primary P1 – P6.
4. Have experience living abroad (preferably 1 year or more) in a developing country and a sense for adventure, change and a touch of uncertainty.
5. If you are a dynamic young new teacher with a burning desire to take your new skills and talents into an environment that encourages new young thinkers then we would be really interested in receiving your application.

Please note: We will only respond to applications that meet the requirements we are looking for.

How to Apply:

Send email applications to

1. A detailed covering letter telling us about you as a person and why you think you should be chosen to join our awesome team.
2. A current CV. Should you be shortlisted for a position at a later date you will need to supply the following documentation.
3. A copy of your passport.
4. 3 Letters of reference.
5. A copy of your teaching credentials, certifications, endorsements, etc.
6. Any other relevant documents Further details can be obtained at


Mind, Body and Spirit by Henry Rowsell (Teacher Harry from Total Kids School, Pazundaung)

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Step by Step – Aung Myo Zaw demonstrates Wushu to the students

At TOTAL and BRAINWORKS there is a deep understanding based on decades of child psychology and neurological research that a child’s education requires the enrichment of every single sense as well as every single part of their brain.  That is why Wushu has been one of the mainstays of TOTAL and BRAINWORKS schools for about eight years. Mr Aung Myo Zaw (pictured above) has been working with us and the students for all these years.

Some people may regard Wushu and all martial arts as a form of aggression or violence however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Asides from the fact that Wushu was developed as a form of self-defense and is a fantastic discipline of physical and mental control, one only needs to look at the children’s faces when the teacher tells them “It’s Wushu time!” to understand that for the children; the practice of Wushu is an act of joy, physical enrichment and all-round fun.


A Special Wushu demonstration

One thing that we, the teachers have noticed is how effective Wushu can be in improving the children’s energy and focus. There is a marked difference in concentration levels amongst students before and after Wushu practice, this has helped all the teachers to understand that there is a strong connection between a child’s ability to interact physically within their environment and to excel in academia.

When the students return to their classrooms after Wushu practice they are fresh-faced, bright-eyed and ready to learn.  This is one of the remarkable things about a TOTAL education, each lesson, each enrichment programme and each activity helps the children to succeed in all their other lessons by creating healthy well balanced minds.

Students may not know it but chess time is also developing their mathematical skills and lateral thinking. Music time improves their sense of rhythm and hand to eye co-ordination which is essential in day to day life. Dance time improves their balance and overall fitness but you can be sure that all the students are just happy to dance to their favourite songs with their best friends.

Pre-School children enjoys their weekly Chess time

All the children love learning the various steps which Mr Aung Myo Zaw demonstrates with grace, precision and dexterity. All the while, the children are gaining a greater understanding of the Chinese language as Mr Aung Myo Zaw delivers most of their instructions in Mandarin. From fast paced punching combos to invigorating stretches, rigorous warm-ups to some of their favourite songs or elegant martial poises, there is some aspect of Wushu time which every student enjoys as they learn how to strengthen their abilities through repetition and practice. 

The early years of a person’s life are the most critical in developing their abilities and their identities so that is why we feel it is important that a child gets experience and enrichment in as many different practices as possible. So perhaps, for some people Wushu is “just another form of aggression or violence”. But for the students at TOTAL and BRAINWORKS schools; Wushu is an opportunity to fine tune their motor skills, to improve their balance and overall fitness, to advance their Chinese language skills, to develop a higher level of focus and concentration and most importantly to achieve all these things whilst having fun.


Building a brighter, healthier, longer future for Myanmar by Henry Rowsell (Teacher Harry from Total Kids School, Sanchaung)

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Dr. Daw Mar Mar Oo examines Hein Tayza with the assistance of Teacher Thuzar

Who can forget our childhood visits to the doctor?

Prodding fingers, fearsome syringes, bitter medicines, strange smells and even stranger devices.

It is no wonder that the fear and distaste that many children develop about doctors’ visits perpetuate into their adult life. But far bitterer than the doctor’s medicines is the sense of irony that pervades from a child’s fear of their doctor. Indeed, there are few people in the world who take a child’s health and well-being more seriously than their pediatrician.

But we, the teachers at TOTAL and BRAINWORKS are those “few people” as we all well know that healthy students have higher attendance and that attendance lies at the very foundations of a student’s success.

That is why, with the help, devotion, charity and co-operation between Doctor Daw Mar Mar Oo and the teachers at TOTAL and BRAINWORKS we are working to eradicate our student’s fears of doctors and their practices and replace these illogical fears with knowledge and understanding.

Of course, all the students had a natural curiosity of the doctor’s work and were eager to discuss her work and actions with the teachers and their fellow students. Wide-eyed and slightly apprehensive, it wasn’t long before the calm and relaxing atmosphere that the children are so familiar with in school gradually erased their fears and doubts about doctor’s visits.

After a while, the students were eagerly awaiting their turn to receive a general check-up from Daw Mar Mar Oo. Judging from the curious and inquisitive faces of some of the students we saw that day, it would be no surprise to see many of the students become doctors themselves one day.

A dental check-up session


Bringing awareness to the importance of maintaining our health is one of TOTAL and BRAINWORKS’ most important principals and it is a concept which even the youngest students are capable of understanding, after all, no one hates being sick more than kids!

However, it may take students slightly longer to understand the level of devotion that their teachers and doctors commit to their health, well-being and future.

The kind Doctor and Dentist that work with us do not charge for their contribution to TOTAL and BRAINWORKS, nor do they expect donations. They are a perfect representation of the ethos we promote in our own staff; putting the health of the children and the well-being of Myanmar’s future before their own.

And whilst they may not always have good news for all the children they examine, the presence of people such as themselves is certainly good news for the future of Myanmar.



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Dear Students,


ISAK is a foundation and runs a fully residential international boarding high school in Karuizawa, Japan. Annually, the school runs a summer Leadership camp for 10 days. 

The unique atmosphere and the experience of the summer camp can be best felt through a short 3 minute video on the below link.


The summer school this year will run for 10 nights/11 days from July 20th - July 30th and will be joined by 50-60 students from all over the world currently in grade 6-8 (grade 7-9 as of Sep. 2012 or age 12-15). The program offers unique classes such as leadership and design thinking as introduced in the video, as well as activities to enjoy the great natural surroundings in Karuizawa, Japan.


Application forms and guidelines as well as the process can be found on the below link.


Overview of ISAK Summer School 2012

Date: July 20 - July 30, 2012

Location: Naka-Karuizawa Learning Center, Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

(one hour by bullet train from Tokyo)

Fee: JPY 220,000

Eligibility: Students must be in grades 7-9 (as of Sep. 2012)

Language of instruction: English

Last date for Application: April 14, 2012 (with Scholoarships, all free except air travel costs)


Please contact Ms. Hla Zarnie Khin anytime, so that she will help you run through the application process.


There is a good possibility for 1 to 2 students from our school to take part in this unique opportunity. However, act fast, you have only few days to confirm your participation. Kazuaki Shimojima, the programme incharge, has assured me personally 2 scholarships, if you can meet the deadline.

Give yourself a chance to enjoy the unique Japanese experience this July!


News from Brainworks, Taunggyi - Congratulations Ying Thiri Sandar - You've got a Scholoarship to go to Beijing!

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Hello everyone,


Do you all know 9 of our students and a Teacher are going to attend the “International Student Summer Camp’ which will be held at Beijing from 21st of July 2012 to 30th of July 2012. This event is jointly organized by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing International Education Exchange and further supported by Department of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of China.  (Please visit


As you are all aware, Beijing is the largest city in the world today and has so much to offer like Great wall of China, Forbidden City, the summer Palace, Beijing University, the state of art National Stadium where the opening ceremony of the last Olympics has taken place and many more.  Ying Thiri Sandar will get to see all the places as a part of the programme.


Just to keep you all the in the loop, 1000 students from 25 different countries participate in this event and all the lucky students from our schools will have the chance to interact with wide range of students of their age from different backgrounds.


Ying Thiri is such a natural leader, she has been a regular choice to lead several school events, just the photograph above will say it all, in the last year's Christmas Carnival she was the Master of Ceremony along with 3 other friends Yoon Kyal Sin Kyaw, Eaint Thet Htar Lwin and Mya Pwint Phyu, together they have taken care of every young child while they perform their own acts on the stage.

  (An additional information: The highlight about these wonderful girls is they have collected more than Kyats. 4,500,000 from our kind hearted Taunggyi Parents and donated that money to build a shelter for several orphaned children at the Okpo Orphanage, Taunggyi. The building will be ready by the end of May 2012 and about 150 children will get a better sleeping place which will protect them from the cold Taunggyi nights. The cost of the project is about 10,000,000 Kyats and all our youth leaders from Taunggyi are committed to raise the balance money required to complete the project.)


Our heartiest congratulations to you Ying Thiri Sandar, you deserve this trip every bit.  All expenses of the trip except the airfare to Beijing is given as scholarship to Ying Thiri! We all love you!


Wut Yee Phyu (Ms.)

 Head of the School.




How to Setup Outlook 2010

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In today’s post we will review the email account configuration settings in Outlook 2010 in full details. If you are looking for any help in configuring an email account with Outlook 2010 then you can find it in this blog. 

Once you have successfully configured an email account in Outlook 2010 and want to view the account’s settings or properties, then here are the simple steps you can follow. In Outlook 2007, the account settings could be launched from the Tools > Account Settings option, while in Outlook 2010, you simply hit the Office button(or File) and click the Account Settings button.

Outlook Account's Settings

It will display the Account Settings window with Email tab open, if you have configured multiple accounts then all of them will be listed here. You will see the tabbed interface here, by clicking any particular tab you will see its relevant settings for the selected account.

Email Account Outlook 2010

Under the tabs, you will see plenty of  useful options, the New option lets you configure a new email account, the Repair option is used to repair the Outlook 2010 settings (you often need to perform this operation if your email repository size is in GB’s), the Change option lets you modify the settings of any particular email account. If you have configured multiple accounts in Outlook 2010 then you can set any particular account as your default by selecting that account and hitting the Set as Default option. TheRemove option deletes any particular email account.

At the bottom of the above displayed window, you will see the path of the data file. This data file is used to restore your emails, in the case of any disaster situation.

Lets explore more into the Email settings, hit the Change button and it will launch the wizard from where you can view/modify your configured email account settings. At the very first step, you will see User Information, Server Information (Server Type, Incoming and Outgoing Server) and Logon Information( Email account and password). usually the incoming & outgoing Server is but in the case of website is hosted with Google, it should be and outgoing is, if you are not sure about the settings, please ask your web hosting company, they will provide you. 

Account Settings

For more settings of your email account, click the More Settings button and anew dialog window will open. Now, under the General tab you can specify the name that appears on the previous menu’s listing, as well as your organization name and your reply email address.

Email Account General

Under the Outgoing Server tab, you can instruct Outlook 2010 to use authentication when sending emails. When connecting through another service provider, you will want to have this checked. Otherwise it is unnecessary. The Connection tab lets you specify how Outlook 2010 will connect to the internet.

Connection More Settings

The Advanced tab lets you control the port and encryption settings for your account. The incoming port for POP3 should 110, which is default port. while for the SMTP it should 587, or you may use alternative ports if required, which are 25, 2525, 1025. If you are using a mail id, hosted with Google, then your SMTP port should 587 and the encrypted connection should be TLS. 

More Settings Advanced

Outlook 2010 represents the most powerful and intuitive email client software with a rich set of features. Even though these settings could be found in Outlook 2007 as well, Microsoft has indeed improved Outlook 2010 to be more user friendly. Enjoy!


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